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The Spectrader Plus Stock Market Trading Game for Windows

A challenging securities market trading simulation game for those who are not yet expert at the buying and selling of securities


The Spectrader Plus Stock Market Trading Game is a challenging securities market trading simulation game. The product is designed to entertain and educate players as they buy and sell stocks, bonds, currencies, and penny stock securities in different randomly generated market scenarios.

Spectrader Plus utilizes a forward pricing model combined withrandomly generated economic news releases and other news stories, which create challenging securities markets enabling players to measure and test trading and investing skills in an entertaining game environment. Whether you are a novice, curious about the market, or a pro following every move - our securities trading simulation product allows you to trade without risking any money. The Spectrader Plus product will take you through simulated securities markets at Beginner, Intermediate and Expert levels.
The Spectrader Plus product includes a 40 page instructional game manual and a 3 inch floppy disk.

System Requirements:

Spectrader Plus may only be used in the Windows Operating Environment. The Minimum System Requirements are

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