Duane D. DeSieno

C++/Windows Development Expert


M.E. Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Cornell University, 1973

B.S. Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Cornell University, 1971


Standalone word processing systems:

Graded Learning Device and Method Neural Network:

Neural Network For Improved Classification of Patterns.


"Removing Random Noise From EKG Signals Using a Back Propagation Network", AEROSPACE APPLICATIONS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CONFERENCE (1987).

"Adding a Conscience to Competitive Learning", PROCEEDINGS OF THE IEEE CONFERENCE ON NEURAL NETWORKS, (1988).

"Trading Equity Index Futures with a Neural Network," THE JOURNAL OF PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT, (Fall 1992)

"The Median Learning Algorithm for Robust Unsupervised Learning," PROCEEDINGS OF THE WORLD CONGRESS ON NEURAL NETWORKS, (1994).


Owner of Logical Designs Consulting, Inc., a systems and software technical consulting firm (1985 - Present). Developer of THINKS Neural Networks for Windows simulator and development environment.

Instructor for the University of California, San Diego Extension (1989 - 1995). Teaching Applications of Neural Networks, and Advanced Applications of Neural Networks.

Namsys Inc., Toranto, Canada (1994). Developed hardware and software for currancy counting and recognition system using Fast Classification neural network.

HNC Inc., San Diego, CA (1987 - 1991). As a consultant, developed neural network software and applications including:

Organizing committee for the First Annual Conference on Neural Networks, San Diego (1987). Member, International Neural Network Society (INNS), IEEE.

Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical, San Diego, CA (1985 - 1987). As a consultant, was in charge of software development for the Model 324 Remotely Piloted Vehicle, a real-time, multiprocessor system using the Intel 8086/80186 processors coded with PL/M and 8086 assembly language.

Hovik Medical Group, San Diego, CA (1984 - 1985). As Director of Engineering, was responsible for the development of the Cardio Companion and Olympulse EKG monitoring products, involving RF, Analog, Digital Signal Processing (using TMS320), Graphics and IBM PC interfacing technology.

Val Corporation, Arlington, VA (1984). As a consultant, designed motherboard, memory expansion, and Centronics interface for a Timex/Sinclair computer expansion product.

Pilara Data Systems Inc., San Diego, CA (1977 - 1984). As Vice President of Engineering and Manufacturing, was responsible for the complete design of the Pilara 1000 and Pilara 2000 word processing systems, including CPU board and high resolution bit mapped video graphics interface.

Tans World Airlines Inc., New York, N. Y. (1973 - 1977). As Senior Operations Research Analyst, developed computer program systems to decrease operating costs for the airline, including the Preferential Fueling System using linear programming to exploit fuel price differentials at different airports under allocation constraints to minimize total system fuel cost and the Charter Routing System using network theory to assign aircraft to charter flights to maximize the number of flights scheduled while minimizing the number of ferry flights.