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Artificial Intelligence in Finance and Investing: State-of-the-Art Technologies for Securities Selection and Portfolio Management

Robert R. Trippi and Jae Kyu Lee

250 pp., 1996. Artificial Intelligence in Finance and Investing is a newly revised and expanded edition of the first book ever written focusing exclusively on the application of AI to investing. Unique and comprehensive, this book is a how-to tutorial demystifying the fascinating world of AI while revealing from start to finish all of the components and procedures involved in building a successful system. This classic work offers portfolio managers, institutional investors, investment analysts, and information systems professionals an authoritative, practical, and readable guide to exciting new technologies for enhancing investment performance. Topics include:

"A landmark book . . . The first book to comprehensively and clearly address the role of artificial intelligence in modern portfolio management."

Frank Fabozzi, Editor, The Journal of Portfolio Management

"This book describes innovations which may become standard investment procedures of the twenty-first century. Particularly noteworthy, I thought, were procedures for using expert systems to supply inputs to mean-variance analysis."

Harry M. Markowitz, Nobel Laureate in Economics

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