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THINKS and ThinksPro (TP) Neural Network Software

General NN Software Features

Maximum Flexibility in 6 Neural Networks Function Categories

  1. Preprocessing Functions
  2. Interconnection Architectures
  3. Processing Element Summation Functions
  4. Processing Element Transfer Functions
  5. Learning Algorithms
  6. Learning Error Criteria

Preprocessing Functions

Thinks provides special input layer preprocessing to simplify working with all forms of data.

Processing Element Summation Functions

The function can be chosen independently on each layer of the network.

Processing Element Transfer Functions

Thinks offers greater efficiency and training with 14 neural network transfer functions.

Interconnection Architectures

Processing elements can be connected in neural networks up to five layers.

Learning Algorithms

The Thinks neural network system supports these industry standard algorithms:

Learning Error Criteria

Control the network's sensitivity to outliers in the training data with five error function options.

The ThinksPro neural network system contains the following additional features

Thinks and ThinksPro take the confusion out of the choice of neural network options and training by providing demonstration training files and examples. Each option is clearly described in on-line help files. The documentation includes a run-time library reference for each of the available functions.

Containing some of the most sophisticated neural network algorithms and capabilities available today, these products provide a window into how networks train and work. With THINKS or ThinksPro, you can be training your neural network in minutes.

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