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THINKS and ThinksPro: Personal and Professional Neural Network Software for Windows

Both THINKS and ThinksPro combine extraordinary ease of use with state-of-the-art neural network technology, the result of 9 years of neural network consulting experience on a wide variety of applications. The developer is a leader in neural network technology and has made significant contributions to the field, including the Conscience Mechanism used in Kohonen unsupervised learning, and has been awarded patents for the Graded Learning Network (1990) and the Fast Classification Algorithm (1994).

Thinks: Personal Neural Network Software

As a personal neural development environment, THINKS stands out from the competition in several ways. Its ease of use is unsurpassed, with a tool bar putting most dialogs only one click away and the entire manual in an on-line help file. THINKS contains the most effective training methods available. The algorithms used are well documented in the literature, not proprietary, making THINKS an excellent teaching tool. With numerous options on network architecture and processing element definition, the experienced user can quickly experiment with novel network configurations. This rapid prototyping characteristics and the availability of the core neural networks functions in several forms makes THINKS an ideal development environment for custom applications.

One of the most important characteristics of trained neural networks is their ability to generalize from the training data. If the network simply memorizes or overfits the training data, it will generally perform poorly on test data. THINKS can graphically show when a network is overtraining by the use of the "test while training" option. The test data set provides the means of validating the network performance. The use of weight minimization and network growing methods available in THINKS greatly increases the ability of the network to generalize.

A highly desirable feature is the use of double precision floating point math in all network calculations. Double precision (64bit) math insures the best results in function approximations and on difficult problems. Test results show about a 5% improvement over 32 bit math in both speed of training and quality of solution for supervised learning algorithms.

ThinksPro: A Professional Neural Network Development Environment

In addition to the features of THINKS, ThinksPro offers:

A Neural Network Product You Will Not Easily Outgrow

ThinksPro is a commercial grade neural network product containing the most sophisticated algorithms and capabilities available, and provides multiple views into how neural networks learn and work. ThinksPro was the first product to take you into the world of reinforcement learning with the EvalNet User Defined Grading Function and four graded learning algorithms, including the Temporal Difference Algorithm. ThinksPro comes standard with the following:

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