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fortranWe make Windows software happen! No late deliveries! No sloppy management! We deliver absolutely top quality commercial-grade software to meet your exact needs! Specializing in Fortran, C++, and Visual Basic development, featuring

Why waste your company's time and money rewriting mainframe/mini, Unix workstation, or DOS/console legacy Fortran programs in a language unsuitable for your applications, and ending up with buggy code, just to run them under MS Windows? We can take your existing source code and in short order create native Windows 64-bit executables that are easy to maintain, execute lightning-fast, and continue to take advantage of Fortran's many inherent advantages for numerically intensive applications. Our Fortran-based platform migration projects deliver full compliance with military and ISO 21st century requirements.

We can protect and enhance the value of your Fortran software investment by:

We can work from virtually any existing source code for business, financial, and scientific applications, including those originally written for:

Our qualifications include more than thirty years of mission-critical software development experience with a wide variety of operating systems, languages, and user interfaces. We are tops in the business, stand behind our work, and will always be here if you need us. We do not use contract or other transiently employed programmers. You will deal directly with the principals.


To download a sample financial engineering demo program written entirely in Fortran, click here.

For additional information, please e-mail your inquiry to Robert R. Trippi, Principal Scientist or Duane DeSieno, Principal Scientist, at rtrippi or ddesieno

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